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SB 197, Prescriptive authority bill Update

Posted over 3 years ago by Tenley Roeder

SB 197, the prescriptive authority bill, passed out of the committee without being amended. An amendment is being discussed by some senators but we don't have the actual wording yet.
It will go the Senate floor where all Senators will hear the bill and discuss then vote. No public comments are allowed on the Senate floor. It may be amended or not. But we have heard from some groups that amendments will be offered and voted upon.

Since CNA and the GAPP committee have not seen the actual final wording of any amendment we want and need our members to become familiar with their own Senator and district number.

We need a united front here to make sure that the bill is in the best interests healthcare for Coloradans and our practice.

Please take a moment to look up your senator, contact them, and tell your story.

Thank you.