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Important Announcement from the Colorado Center for Nursing Excellence on the Latest NPATCH Recommendations for APN's Seeking Prescriptive Authority

Posted about 4 years ago by Laura Hildebrand

Colorado Center for Nursing Excellence Newsflash!

Dear Colorado RN and APN,

This is a two part News Flash. The first part is to bring you up to speed on last Friday's NPATCH actions concerning APN regulations. The second part is to ask that you join the Colorado Nurses Association, in order to move these recommendations through the legislature to become law.

Simply put, CNA needs your support to move these recommendations forward, or our collective work to-date will have been fruitless. While very positive, NPATCH can only make recommendations. The next step is a legislative effort to turn these recommendations into law. As the state's nursing lobbyist, CNA needs your membership and financial support to make that happen. Increased support is essential to this next stage.

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This last Friday NPATCH reviewed a "Draft Report and Recommendations on the Requirements for APNs Seeking Prescriptive Authority".

In brief, the report made five recommendations:

Upon acceptance into the advanced practice registry, APRNs seeking prescriptive authority should be eligible for provisional prescriptive authority.

Requirements should be amended so that to transition from a provisional to full prescriptive authority, within 3 years of achieving the designation as APN with provisional prescriptive authority, the APN with provisional prescriptive authority shall complete:
● Either 6 months full-time or 1000 practice hours involving active collaboration on a representative sample of typical and complex cases;
● This collaboration will be with a prescriber practicing in Colorado in a corresponding population focus either with an experienced physician or experienced APN with prescriptive authority; and
● Collaboration should occur through synchronous communication.

The Board of Nursing should review and amend, to the extent of its authority, its current waiver process toward eliminating barriers and clarifying processes to align with other NPATCH recommendations.

DORA should engage professional regulatory boards and other stakeholders to improve education and outreach regarding the requirements for APRNs to obtain prescriptive authority.

DORA should further examine the barrier of liability for experienced providers wishing to assist an APRN in meeting prescriptive authority requirements.

Join CNA to move this forward!

The next step is to move these recommendations through the legislative process so that they become law. This will be a very time and resource intensive process, and there will be opposition.

The Colorado Nurses Association is the state's nursing lobbyist, and is the lead entity in this very significant effort.
There's no such thing as a free lunch: CNA cannot support the staff expenses to advocate for these changes without your membership and financial support.
It's no surprise that the opposing forces will be very well resourced, and so CNA needs your support!

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