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Posted over 4 years ago by Laura Hildebrand

Independently practicing ANP caring for patient's requiring home health care is seeking a solution to Medicare's face to face attestation rule requiring physician documentation of the NP encounter. If you practice independently and order home care for your patients, what arrangement do you have for physician collaboration on this issue? Any ideas are greatly appreciated!
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Marcia Patterson over 4 years ago

The best long-term solution is to change the requirements at the federal level. I did some work earlier this year advocating for passage of the Home Healthcare Planning Act (my representatives ultimately signed on in support). I wrote up a short article and will attach the link below.

Other NPs in your situation seem to have an arrangement with an NP-friendly physician who will sign the orders for a small fee. Do you know any NPs who work with physicians who would be willing to speak with you? If so, arrange a meeting, arming yourself with convincing information about NP outcomes – i.e., the quality of care we provide. (I cover this in my article and provide publication links). I would also recommend you conduct an online search for contracts that other NPs have used for this type of practice and bring them with you.

Article Link:

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