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Sunset Review 2020 Update

Posted almost 2 years ago by Laura Hildebrand

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Dear Members and Followers,

The Sunset Review of the Nurse Practice Act cleared it's first hurdle on January 22, 2020 when if was unanimously endorsed by the 2020 Health and Insurance Committee of the Colorado House of Representatives.  Representative Kyle Mullica (also an RN) was officially named as the prime sponsor of the bill, House Bill 20-1216. NCNPC Treasurer, Joyce Honea, and I joined CNA Executive Director, Colleen Casper and a representative from the Colorado Association of Nurse Anesthetists providing testimony prior to the vote.  Joyce and I presented evidence to support the elimination of 1,000 hours of provisional prescriptive authority for new APRN's and the elimination of the articulated plan for all APRN's. We were pleased to hear Colleen Casper's testimony included CNA's support of these changes as well.  CNA's lobbyist report is attached.

CNA Staff (Executive Director, Contract Legal and Regulatory Counsel, and Contract Lobbyist) will be working with Colorado Legislative Services personnel to finalize a bill for formal introduction at a date to be announced.  That will be the ideal time for you to reach out to your State Legislator and ask for them  to support House Bill 20-1216 (the 2020 Sunset Review of the Nurse Practice Act)  including the elimination of 1,000 hours provisional prescriptive authority and the elimination of the articulated plan for all APRNs.  Stay tuned for updates!

The link below is to CNA's very informative "How to talk to your legislator about the Sunset Review of the Colorado Nurse Practice Act ''.  There you will find tips on how to contact and talk to your legislators.  CNA has also created an infograph on the topic-attached.

Thanks to CNA staff and the hundreds of stakeholders who have spent many hours of hard work getting us to this point!

Warm regards,

Laura Hildebrand, MS, ANP-C

President, Northern Colorado NP Coalition


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