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Sunset Review Recommendations 2020-We want to hear from you!

Posted 7 months ago by Laura Hildebrand

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Dear Members and Followers,

Attached are the final recommendations from the Colorado Office of Policy, Research and Regulatory Reform (COPRRR) for the 2020 Sunset Review of the Colorado Nurse Practice Act.  It will be presentated to the Colorado General Assembly during the upcoming legislative session beginning in January 2020.

There are 3 recommendations specific to Nurse Practitioners (and other APRNs)-pages 55-58 of the attached document:

Recommendation 8 – Limit the requirement that an APN maintain an articulated plan for safe prescribing to the period of provisional prescriptive authority only

Recommendation 9 – Replace the title, “advanced practice nurse” and the corresponding abbreviation, “APN” with the title, “advanced practice registered nurse” and the abbreviation, “APRN” and update references throughout the Act and in other statutes.

Recommendation 10 – Authorize the Board to conduct random audits of articulated plans rather than require it.

While the Board of Directors of the NCNPC is pleased with the elimination of the Articulated Plan for those with full prescriptive authority and the change from required to random audits, we are concerned the 1,000 hours of Provisional Prescriptive Authority has not been eliminated.  We believe this constitutes a barrier to entering practice and finding employment for our new graduates ultimately leading to decreased access to care for Coloradoans. 

Therefore, we have initiated a "Sunset Review Working Group" to explore and pursue opportunities to correct this oversight.  

if a provisional prescriptive authority has negatively impacted your entry to practice (now or in the recent past), we want to hear your story

Also, If you have interest in participating in the working group, please reach out to us as well.

Warm regards,

Laura Hildebrand, ANP-C

President, NCNPC


Stacey Stancill about 1 month ago

Hello! Thank you for your work on this. It has ABSOLUTELY prevented me from entering practice ever since I graduated August 2019. New grads are automatically eliminated from the vast majority of job openings due to the "2 -5 years experience required" and "full prescriptive authority required". New Hampshire is a great model for how it can be, and I, like many qualified NPs , may have to move there to get my first job.

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