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UPDATE-NCNPC Preceptor Honorarium Program

Posted 8 months ago by Laura Hildebrand

Members and followers,

I have received several emails recently inquiring about how to access the preceptor program.  I was also made aware there was a problem with the email address-this has been corrected-the correct email address is  Below is a repost of the original announcement 8 months ago.  We are working on adding a page to the website to easily access the program information from the NCNPC Homepage.  That should be up in the very near future. Also, beginning this year, we have been advised all preceptors seeking honorarium will need to complete a W-2 form and will be issued a 1099 at the end of the year.  Any questions on taxation of this honorarium should be discussed with you tax advisor. Thanks to all the participants and for the support of all the NCNPC members!

Kind regards,

Laura Hildebrand, President, NCNPC

Dear Members,

In an effort to support our student members, the NCNPC Board of Directors has voted unanimously to offer cash compensation to any practicing Colorado-based Nurse Practitioners who complete a semester precepting any of our student members.  The amount for up to 100 hours, is $400, for more than 100 hours, $550. You will also receive a year's free membership to the Coalition.

You will be required to submit a documentation of proof of hours (eg copy of the student evaluation) to NCNPC as proof of hours.  If you have any interest in participating, please contact us ( and I will connect you with students needing placement.

Students must be active members of the Northern Colorado Nurse Practitioner Coalition to participate in this program.


Laura Hildebrand, President, and The Board of Directors, Northern Colorado Nurse Practitioner Coalition