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Alene Nitzky's New Book Now Available-"Navigating the C"

Posted 11 months ago by Laura Hildebrand

Alene is a NoCo Nurse Entrepreneur and patient advocate who spoke to the group last summer.  Her book is available on Amazon: 

Working as an ICU and oncology nurse in the hospital, Nitzky soon realized her skills and knowledge, as well as her co-workers’, were profoundly underutilized to meet the needs of patients undergoing cancer treatment. Afterward, patients were left to their own devices to recover, with little support or guidance, and few skills to help them restore their quality of life. 

Navigating the C is about the stakeholders in cancer care: patients, families, caregivers, complementary service providers, nurses, physicians, healthcare administrators, policymakers, charitable organizations, and citizens, including people who have never had cancer. It addresses problems that contribute to gaps in care for cancer survivors and for those in ongoing treatment for metastatic cancer, and offers numerous solutions for each of these stakeholders to improve healthcare and self-care around cancer. Nitzky appeals for the importance of reducing the trauma of a cancer diagnosis, the intrinsic value of community programs, and smaller, individual approaches to cancer survivorship care, where big healthcare and big business miss the mark.